Welcome to Muse! Doors open at 8 pm and shows are $5 in advance / $7 at the door (unless otherwise specified). Our cafe is always open during shows! THIS WEEK AT MUSE MUSIC: WEDNESDAY – MARCH 13TH Open Mic $1 to perform, $1 to watch BEST DEAL IN TOWN! THURSDAY – MARCH 14TH ACOUSTIC SHOWCASE Zac Kaiser Robbie Jolley Court Mann Lissa Lohner PRE-SALES TICKETS JUST $5 FRIDAY – MARCH 15TH EDP (ELECTRIC DANCE PARTY) PRE-SALE TICKETS JUST $5 SATURDAY – MARCH 16TH Paper Tom The Last Gatsby The Former King PRE-SALE TICKETS JUST $5 NEXT WEEK: WEDNESDAY – MARCH 20TH Bright Whistles Animal Eyes Rykyn Salazar PRE-SALE TICKETS JUST $5 THURSDAY – MARCH 21ST Paranoid Social Club Winchester Power House PRE-SALE TICKETS JUST $5 FRIDAY – MARCH 22ND Speak For Yourself (SFYS) ‘This is Your Heart’ Book Release Show Featuring readings from: Kyle Nelson, Matt Davis, Kyle Somer, Soley Emilsdottir, Roah Biesinger, David Matthews, Avery Taylor and music from: Chance Lewis, Apt, Jacob Barton, Cody Rigby FREE! FREE! FREE! SATURDAY – MARCH 23RD Jason and the Astronaut Chris Wilson and Planet Earth Coin In the Sea Cotton Bones PRE-SALE TICKETS JUST $5